Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 Homesteading Goals

This post is only marginally rabbit-related, so feel free to skip if you are looking mainly for lagomorph stuff.

This is going to be a potentially major year for us with changes galore. We may be looking at a move almost a thousand miles away to the Midwest depending on job options for my husband. I've been having some medical issues we are addressing (nothing major, but annoying nonetheless) that have been affecting my ability to work. We are trying to get rid of a lot of stuff inside the house because even if we do stay in Georgia, we are hoping to move to a property with more space.

With all of this in mind, here are our 2015 homesteading goals:

1. Figure out where we are going to live. Seems easy to do, but not so much when jobs are up in the air. We should know more by the end of summer and be able to make some decisions.

2. Decide whether we want to rent our current home or sell it and get it ready for whichever path we take. We need to get some repairs done (mostly carpentry work) and finish some cosmetic stuff like new carpets and paint. I don't want to put a lot into it though if we are just renting and it may get messed up by the tenants. My parents always rented properties and I remember the people that looked meticulous about everything being the ones that unexpectedly trashed the rented home. So bizarre! I personally could never rent somewhere and not take care of it- it would feel so wrong, but people can and do.

3. Get the garden up and running again- and deer-proof it this time around. Did I mention I lost ALL of my heirloom tomatoes to deer last year? They ate the plants down to the ground in one day. I was daydreaming about venison steaks every time I had to go to the grocery store to buy tomatoes for months.

4. Decide what parts of a farm we can and can't live without so we know exactly what we are looking for in our future property.

5. Reduce our bills as much as we can in the meantime. I have a feeling we're going to need the moola for this coming year!

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  1. It's always hard to feel up in the air! I always say I'm super patient when I KNOW whats going to happen, lol!