Sunday, April 3, 2016

Moving on down the old dusty trail..

.. to a new homestead!

Yup, we're moving! Finally! After a lot of research and real estate searches, we found a little piece of heaven to call our own about an hour away from where we currently live. We are still hammering out the details and had to compromise on some things while we were blessed with others, but overall I think we'll be very happy there.

Are the rabbits moving with us? Yes. They will be moving in cages at first that will go in the barn, but once we are settled, we hope to begin free-ranging them in small groups once our rabbit tractors are built.

Will we be staying with Harlequins? For now. We may be trying another breed once the dust settles after the move, but we are keeping things the same for the time being.

Will we still have a garden and heirloom plants? Yes. Bigger and better than before! Though we will probably miss most of this year's growing season due to time and moving constraints. There is no garden on the new property, so it will be started from scratch. I'm planning on taking the soil from the raised beds to enrich the garden site since we've been adding bunny gold, compost, vermiculite, and peat moss to our raised beds for more than 5 years now and hopefully that will help us get a good start.

More to come, including pictures, once we close on the property, but I just wanted to post an update with the latest and greatest. Happy Sunday!