Friday, March 13, 2015

Frustrated (Medical Rant- NOT SAFE FOR KIDS/WORK)

I've been a little bit quiet around here lately because (in addition to work and the household), I've been dealing with some stuff that is hindering my plan to grow ALL OF THE THINGS this Spring. Short version is I have some health problems that I have been getting 2nd and 3rd opinions on because everyone is answering surgery. But everyone is recommending a different kind of surgery. That aside, I need to say something that is not nice or kid-friendly. It is also a generalization, but for the most part I've found it to be true. So hide yo kids, hide yo wife.. because:

Doctors are such dicks!

I've seen a lot of them lately for my health stuff plus I work with a metric ton of them and they are ALL pretentious self-important asses. Every last one of them. Apparently it is part of the medical school curriculum or that profession just draws jerkfaces in like flies.

Also, the "business" of medicine is enraging. I feel like every practice I've been to is more concerned about what's in my purse than what's in my body. I've had like.. 5+ ultrasounds now because every single doctor wants to re-do the tests from the previous doctor or visit even though they already have the images and report. I'm like, "I just had that exact same thing done yesterday." And they basically respond with, "Welp, that was at another practice (or on another day), so let's go ahead and update your findings here. We'll go ahead and just re-do it. We'll also need to do a follow-up in 6 weeks." It is just so they can charge like $800x2 (or 3 or 4 or 5...) for a simple procedure that doesn't even involve the actual doctor instead of $180 or whatever. That is also part of what is wrong with our healthcare system, but that's a rant for another day.

The thing is.. I'd be fine with whatever for the most part. Except that a lot of doctors are just wrong about a lot of things. I don't mean that I think they are wrong. They are actually saying stuff that is directly contradicting research findings. When I try to bring up anything factual they just gloss over or ignore it. For the record, I am not that patient that drives everyone nuts. I know what that patient is like. Anyone in healthcare knows what THAT patient is like. I am very polite and have always been a "please and thank you" kind of lady, but it is my body and the decisions that we make now can have a lifetime of positive or detrimental effects depending on what we opt to do. So when they tell me not to worry about this or that and pat me on the head, I'm not happy. Dismissive and condescending are words that come to mind.

So, if any physicians ever stumble across my little blog in the giant internet wasteland, take it as it sounds. You are not infallible. And being wrong isn't a sin. Refusing to admit when you are wrong, definitely is. I just want to be healthy, and I am trusting in you to help me get there. My life is in your hands. Don't fuck it up.


  1. Amen to that :)

    I completely understand the way you feel. When I first came down with my mystifying set of symptoms several years ago, I must have seen about a dozen doctors, all with a different idea of how to treat me. Modern medicine is not meant to cure - only to treat. A cure would mean a stop in cash flow.

    So now I pay out the ass for alternative medicine, since insurance won't cover it. But it's the only thing that has actually helped me.

    I don't know exactly what you're dealing with, but acupuncture has worked wonders for me. It helped me overcome musculoskeletal pain and hormone issues that have plagued me for years.

    I'm so sorry you're going through all this. I sincerely hope you can find a doctor who really cares, and can give you the treatment you need. ((hugs))

    1. Thank you. What a mess the healthcare system is right now. It shouldn't be about cash flow, but about what really matters- the patients. I really believe in a lot of alternative medicine (herbs, acupuncture, etc.), but I am not sure what I can look into for my situation. I'm trying not to be too descriptive, but I have a lump. All the doctors agree it needs to come out, but disagree with each other on what kind of surgery to do and when to do it. So frustrated.

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  3. You said it all Sister! Boy I could discuss this matter for HOURS! I hope you can get it figured out and will keep you in prayer! Oh boy there is just so much to say, just know you aren't alone!!