Saturday, January 14, 2012

We have eyes!

I just thought I'd share that the last of the babies from both litters opened their eyes over the past couple of days and are doing very well. We did lose that one black kit from Pearl's litter that I thought was fading, but still have 5 going strong. The Harlequin litter of 7 is doing great also. They are so cute at this age! When I walk in to check on them I see a pile of sweet faces peeking up at me now.

I know they are eating hay on their own in addition to Kari's milk and goat's milk (in the case of the NZ kits) and I am sure they will start nibbling on pellets in a little bit, too. I am so incredibly thankful that I did not lose Pearl's entire litter, but goodness I am attached to some of these little guys and gals now. It is going to be incredibly hard to select keepers for the project at this rate!

Thanks for all the kind words, advice, and support with these guys over the past week. It has been much appreciated! 


  1. So glad to hear they are doing great!! I will remember that about the goat's milk for future orphaned kits. Can't wait to see pictures of them.

  2. Oh sorry, I should have snapped a picture. I'll do that today and post it this weekend. :)

  3. Oh, SO glad they are doing good! That's intersting about the goats milk... we milk goats, so good to know! =) Hope all continues to go well with them! ;)