Monday, January 16, 2012

Mini Lop News

I haven't been posting hardly at all about the Mini Lops because the plan has been to sell out. The kind of sad thing is that the only people to contact me lately are mostly wanting pets and I would like a couple of them at least (especially Hulk) to go to a show/breeding home.

Anyhow, since the does were just hanging out here in the meantime I went ahead and bred them last month. In my experience, it is better to keep a doe working than just hanging around collecting love handles. :) They are due today and are both in the nestbox today pulling fur. Update: Dove had 3 fat kits and it looks like Serenity has at least 4 so far, but she is kindling as I type this.

I bred Sundae at the same time, but it doesn't look like she took this time around. She has produced kits twice before for me, but her first litter had a couple giants DOA and her second litter was a few normal looking kits, but unfortunately they didn't survive the first week. Obviously she is fertile, but I just haven't had much luck otherwise. I am going to go ahead and place her up for sale to a pet home instead of continuing to mess with it since I had already planned to part with the breed to focus on Harlies. She is quite the character and should make a family looking for a new bunny very happy.

I think that's about it as far as Mini Lop news. I love the breed and will miss them quite a bit. Fortunately they are popular enough that if I want to get back into them later on then hopefully it shouldn't be too difficult. They are incredibly cute, are a great size, come in beautiful colors with such nice coats, and have personalities to match their sweet faces. :)


  1. Well, I'm selling of the BEW buck to a pet home. I noticed him sneeze far frequently than all my other rabbits,kept him by himself, checked him many times, and so on... I couldn't shake the feeling that he simply wasn't what I'd want in a line of mini lops in the long run cause he seems to have allergies. Along with that I'm selling off several flemish giant sized cages and hutches to use the money to by some cages from Tractor Supply co. that better fit my needs. I'd really appreciate it if you knew someone that would be interested in them! They are in really great shape,just not what I need. I'm also keeping my eye on Hulk, but I'm also going to shop around at the Perry,GA show for stock too. Hopefully I'll have my new cages by then!

  2. I don't know that you should sell a sneezing rabbit. You might want to contact your breeder about returning him. :( I'd also still keep him isolated from your others just in case. If you contact the Trammels before the upcoming show they might be able to build you better quality cages for a similar price as TS (but better quality) and you can pick them up there. Best of luck!