Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baby Harlie Pics

Finally, right? Well, here they are in all their furry glory:

I couldn't barely fit the little chunkers all into the basket, so next time I will probably do individual shots of the keepers.

They are very friendly like most Harlequins, but also because this litter in particular has been handled pretty much constantly since the day they were born.

You can't tell, but there is another Harlie kit tunneling around the others at the bottom of the basket in this pic, lol. You can just barely see one ear sticking up between the two in the front:

This buckling in the front is large and typey so far, plus he has a very nice face split with properly alternating ears. He might need to stay if I do not end up overloaded on boys:

Tentatively, it looks like 5 bucks and only 2 does. I really needed more girls to choose from, but I am still so thankful for another Harlie litter so I can hardly complain. :o)

Thanks for looking. NZ are next up!


  1. Oooo, I love the buck in the last picture, very nice face and ears! Isn't that always how it happens, more bucks than does. lol They are growing up so fast! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my, SUPER cute!!! And that always happens to me too! Lots of bucks but... what happened to the does? lol Anyways, very cute babies. :)