Sunday, January 15, 2012

Litter Picture Update

Picture + update = Picdate? Upture? 

Anyhoo.. I get the message about the need for pictures, lol. Here you go:


And now litter pictures. There are six in each box. This group is predominately NZ with a few Harlies mixed in:

And this group is predominately Harlies (though one of these is not like the others..):

 Check out the banding!

I know, I know.. stripes and plaid don't mix. The color is also washed out thanks to flash indoors. But not bad considering markings are about last on my to-do list with this breed right now. :)


  1. Nice pics. I just love those little harlies! Better watch out for the fashion police about that stripey plaid combo lol.

  2. Wow! That last baby really has some nice markings, I love those dark bands! <3

  3. Finally!

    They all look so fat and happy now. That last baby looks promising markings-wise. Hopefully it will develop nicely.