Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tacoma and Bonus

So, this is Tacoma. She is quite the goofball as you can see, but also a very pretty and sweet chocolate Japanese doe. Here are a few more I snapped quick while I was working:

I know these aren't the greatest quality pictures in the world, but I just wanted to get something up with our two new additions thanks to April at OlivYew Farm.

And here are a few of Bonus:

I think he was a little freaked out by the camera and he is molting as you can see, but he is a very friendly Japanese buck that seems to love attention. He also likes to throw and push around timothy hay cubes and cardboard tubes, though oddly enough he seems to ignore his resting board, lol. 

I am really excited to have them both here. I'll take some better posed pictures when they are settled in and the weather is nice. 

In other news, we lost one of the NZ kits this morning and it looks like a second might be fading as well. The remaining 5 seem to be hanging on though, so that's good. I know a bunch of the websites say that KMR formula mixes work the best, but I have yet to really see it help any kits no matter which way I make it. I've tried straight KMR with a past litter and lost the baby. This time I've tried KMR + heavy cream and KMR + goat's milk + heavy cream and KMR + goat's milk. Now, I am trying straight goat's milk now at the suggestion of Barbi's article at Barbi Brown's Bunnies and Whitney at Imagination Acres. I can't get fresh locally right now unfortunately, so I am using store bought. Fingers crossed for success! If we can just make it another week or so we should be getting to where they can start to really supplement their own nutrition while they nibble on real food.


  1. Love the close-up cute! I like taking close-ups as well. Bunny faces are just so adorable. Tacoma is a lovely doe. I love her chocolate coloring. Hoping for the best for your NZ babies. Sorry to hear that you lost one=(

  2. Oh my goodness, I just love Tacoma's sweet face! That first pic is my favorite.