Monday, March 5, 2012

Rabbitry Updates

I have some time today, so I just thought I post the latest news from around here. Not that there is must to say though - its been pretty quiet and it will probably stay that way for a while. 

There will be a very sparse Spring/Summer breeding schedule for one thing. I've never been one to produce litters en masse, but this time around I am not even planning more than a handful until Fall. I haven't had a lot of extra time as I am trying to finish my last semester of school and I don't see the point in raising a litter if I can't handle them like I want to. I also just don't have many adult does these days, which is limiting in its own right.

In other news, we are continuing to downsize our Mini Lops. I have just one buck left from our original male group that is a homebred chocolate. It's hard to say goodbye to a breed I love so much, but I will have so much more space and focus for the Harlequins. They need it so much more.

An example of this is one of the female Harlie kits is turning out to have splayed legs in the hindquarter. I don't feel that this provides a good quality of life for the future, but it is also yet another potential genetic issue to add to the laundry list. I am not freaking out because this was the runt of the litter and is only half the size of her siblings. This was also already a repeat breeding and no other kits from either litter have any musculoskeletal difficulties. Still, something to be watched for and culled, culled, culled if I see anything like it again.

The weather has been very warm for the most part. And stormy. Last night was the first cool weather we've had in a few weeks it seems like after line after line of severe weather and general muggy-ness. All of the Spring bulbs have bloomed and I hope to start planting a portion of the garden once I am confident that we will not have another freeze of three. Not to say I wouldn't mind the cold weather- I miss winter already!

I think that's about it for updates. Just in a holding pattern of sorts while I get the herd sorted and graduate from school hopefully. :o)

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  1. I want to let you know Harlequins were sanctioned at the show I was at...They didn't look that good compared to yours. I'm glad you have taken them up as a project. Your Harlies and the offspring that you have now are WAY better looking than what I saw at the show. The Harlies I saw did little justice to the breed :(