Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Harlies and Mini Lops

Let me preface this post with a picture of our new Harlie litter at just a bit more than 5 days old. They are doing fine at the moment and it looks like we have a black Japanese, three blue Japanese, and one that could be a chocolate or (more likely) another blue Japanese (was damp when I checked so I couldn't quite tell). I am so thankful for this litter!

 It is back to raining here again so I do apologize for the so-so lighting. It feels like a Fall storm though and it is so pretty outside with the wind and the chill in the air.

In other news, I have been growing out three Mini Lop brothers out for a little while now and they are the sweetest. I had a hard time deciding who to keep as all have positive traits and are terribly cute and friendly, too. I have finally decided to offer one of them to a good pet or brood home on the site today. His type isn't maturing as great as I would like- he is a bit pinched in the HQ and long in the shoulders, but has the color genetics for someone that wants to work with chocolates/lilacs or would be a nice house bunny.

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