Saturday, December 10, 2011

Long week.

I haven't been posting as much because I've been on a clinical rotation for school all week long. I've had to take care of the bunnies between 4-5AM and head out shortly after, so the website/blog have been at the very bottom of the priority list, below sleep, food, etc.

I have some final exams this week, so I don't expect a ton to get done as far as updates for a little bit longer. I'd like to take new pictures soon and post them though. The babies are growing like weeds. I don't know why I had slow growth with my litter last year, but these seem to be doing just fine. I do remember I was feeding Manna Pro back then and now I am offering Purina.

Either way, they have done wonders to brighten my day when I come home exhausted and brain-fried. I open the door to their grow-out cage and next thing I know I have Harlie youngsters climbing all over me just saying hello. This breed is amazing and I am thankful I didn't give up and sell out of them when I was so frustrated before.

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