Sunday, November 6, 2011

Harlie Litter Update

Harlequin babies just slay me- they are so cute and personable! I have been going through the litter this afternoon in my very small window of free time (thanks to the hour change) after a 12 hour shift at the hospital and here is what I have discovered:

2 Blue Japanese Does
Black Japanese Doe
Lilac Japanese Buck
Blue Japanese Buck

The blue buck looks almost identical to Hikari in markings- it is so cute to see them together. The lilac buck is the smallest in the litter, but he looks to have the nicest type so far. I am also really excited to have him because I didn't think Apollo would have lucked out with the chocolate genetics. The black Japanese doe is the largest followed by one of the blue does- they are beasties.

I was also proud to realize today that this is my second generation breeding as Apollo (the sire- my pride and joy) was born and bred here, too. For now I plan to keep all of them and see how they develop. It feels very strange just planning to have a few rabbits from one breed to work with now that I have made the decision to part with the Mini Lops. At the same time I hope it will reduce my overall anxiety level considerably having them in and I will be able to enjoy them more, too.

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